White Salt Crystal Marble

White Salt crystal marble is one of the oldest stones in the Iranian market, but it has always had its own supporters and never decrease its market share.

Available In:

Slab Slab
Tiles Tiles

White Salt crystal marble can be found in the forms of tile, slabs, curb and etc. Found. It should be noted that this stone in many stone artifacts such as antiques, split face, sculptures uses interior and exterior elements and etc.

The veins of this stone are abstract, parallel Lines, conglomerate, cotton flowers and many other designs of the unique scenes in slabs or large tiles, and the eyes of each viewer is fascinated.

White Salt Crystal Marble Analysis Table

In the following table, analysis of this stone has been investigated for better cognition:

Parameter At least Maximum Average
Water absorption 0.01% 2% 0.20%
Specific Gravity 2.2 kg 3 kg 2.7 kg
Porosity 0.05% 1% 0.26%
Compressive strength 600 kg 1250 kg 830 kg
Abrasion resistance 2.5% 4% 3%

White Salt crystal marble in its kind is one of the most sturdy types for using on the pavement, courtyard, halls and etc. Also the very low water absorption of this stone has made it suitable for relevant environments.

More Information About White Salt Crystal Marble

In recent years, this stone is cut as a slab and uses in the form of four matched and book matched on the wall or floor of the building. Also, the old existed of this stone is used for the procedure of counter top.

This stone have seen in blue, gray, cream and satin colors and creates a unique view with that’s abstract veins. White salt crystal marble is founding in antique, Leather, honed, polished and split face forms.



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